Educating Young People About Water Guides

Looking for ways to make a difference by beginning or improving a youth water education program? The following materials will guide you through the process and will help you link water education to community action. Each guide addresses a different aspect of the process.

A Guide to Program Planning and Evaluation walks program planners through the steps in setting up and evaluating a youth water education program- bringing together the key components that can lead to an effective, sustainable program. (1995, 64 pp.)

A Guide to Unique Program Strategies tells the story of 37 program coordinators from around the country. Discover how they integrate community water education issues and youth development needs into unique program designs. (1995, 64 pp.)

A Guide to Goals and Resources with an emphasis on nonformal and school enrichment settings, 2nd ed., provides the program coordinator with 100 water education curricula summaries, environmental education topics and goals, and multimedia resources. (1995, 59 pp.)