Database Entry

What was in an EYPAW curriculum database entry? Each database entry included:

  • Name
  • Publication date
  • Cost
  • Description
  • Author and/or organization’s contact information
  • Grade level recommendations

Educators could select more details for each curriculum by choosing from the following:

Topics Covered – Which of the major water topics and subtopics identified by the National Review Team are covered?

Instructional Format – The National Review Team outlined instructional formats that are important for water education. Is the curriculum:

  • Applicable to diverse audiences?
  • Describing clear, accessible education goals and instructions?
  • Offering student materials that are varied and available?
  • For use in an indoor and/or outdoor/community environment?
  • Varied in the types of activities offered?

Environmental Education Goals – Lists environmental education skills that should be considered as you select or develop activities and curriculum materials for water education.